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Executive Producers: Abundanza & Higgins Entertainment

Genre: Documentary

Title: TBD

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This yet to be titled CDB documentary follows filmmaker Cathy DeBuono as she looks back on a time in her life when as a young, aspiring actress in Hollywood, she was able to elude the ruse of a violent sexual predator but unable to stop him from killing.


Fifteen years ago I encountered a violent, sexual predator. While I was able to survive, unharmed, I was unable to stop him from killing.
In 2003, 21 year old Kristine Johnson went missing after she had gone to an audition and never returned. I was inexplicably drawn to pay attention to her story. The morning news displayed a photograph of a person of interest in her case, it was the same man I had met all those years ago.
What I wouldn’t learn until after the trial was over in 2006, is that I was far from the only woman Victor Lawrence Paleologus had attempted to stalk, lure and attack.
Furthermore, I would come to learn, that despite a purely circumstancial case against him, it would be the “parade of women” and their individual decisions to talk, that would create one collective voice finally loud enough to tip the scales of justice.
Dateline NBCE! True Hollywood StoryOn The Case with Paula Zahn (Investigation Discovery Channel) all documented this case… but still have yet to tell the full story.
All these years later, I’m still haunted by what really happened. It occurred to me that we each shared a very unique experience; one at a time we took our best swing at stopping a predator, one at a time we failed. I wondered how it had haunted them. I began to yearn for connection with these women. We had collectively convicted a murderer, but still had never met each other.
Now a licensed psychotherapist and having experienced the justice system first hand, I am seeking answers to many questions.
How can an identified offender with a long history of previous crimes ranging from financial cons to premeditated stalking and sexual violence continually find his way to his next victim?
Why and how do some women elude or survive these attacks while others do not?
Where do the many variables of responsibility lay in the creation of a seasoned offender like Victor Paleologus and is it possible he has killed before?
Why do so many women have stories to tell of their attempts to acquire justice to little or no avail…. until one of them dies.


This yet to be titled CDB Documentary, currently in production, will be a feature length film.
In addition to speaking with the women involved with this case, DeBuono will speak with key players from the Paleologus Trial and other cases like it as she tries to unravel the variables at work in identifying and stopping these offenders successfully, or not.
She will speak with experts in the fields of forensic psychology, criminal profiling, victim advocate sources, voices of the maintstream media and those who study the ripple effect these acts radiate through society.


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